Important Update from Doctor:


Scientific investigation shows 7 out of 10 CBD products do not contain what they say on the label…some are contaminated or 100% FAKE. Doctor reveals the only kind of enhanced CBD he recommends for his family.

oil dropper dispensing oil onto a person's fingertip

Hello, I’m Dr. Scott Olson, ND.

If you want to feel your pain start to fade

…look closely at the photo on your screen.

Do you see the yellow liquid in this vial?

Science shows this yellow liquid could help “shut off” the pain signals in aching parts of your body like your lower back, knees, hips, shoulders…wherever you have discomfort.

Reports from everyday men and women show it could help relieve all kinds of pain…and also help you enjoy deep, healing sleep every night…

This is a certain kind of enhanced cannabidiol oil…or CBD.

CBD is a natural, non-addictive, extract from the cannabis plant…

…and it’s a life-changing solution for thousands of men and women across America who are already using it…

I need to give you an important WARNING:

Do NOT take CBD until you read this entire presentation…

Because I’m about to expose how a special, enhanced CBD is the only kind you should use for yourself or your loved ones.

Now it is true, people online are raving about CBD’s power to relieve pain, saying things like “My lower back pain has gone away” and “This has changed my life! And saved it!”

One man shared his story online. He suffered from irritating pain and nothing helped. Other pain solutions just made him tired and dizzy.


CBD helped eliminate his pain –
when nothing else worked

He says, “I recently returned to my job feeling better than ever.”

Those are just a few examples. I could tell a thousand stories of amazing pain relief – and every day brings more success stories.

On live television, Emmy® award-winning Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent, declared CBD could transform the health of America.

In fact, Forbes magazine reported that people who use CBD are now throwing away other pain-relief solutions. Because they don’t need them!

Which is why Medical News Today and Harvard University are demanding more scientific research into the pain-relief power of CBD.

Perhaps happy user Eric David in San Antonio, TX best summed up the truth about CBD when he wrote online, “God gave us something great!

And, in a moment, I’ll show you how a NEW kind of CBD could be the solution for Americans in need of powerful and lasting relief from discomfort.

Even when nothing else works.

I’ll also show you how to make sure you’re getting this new, powerful, and doctor-recommended kind of CBD


The wrong kind may NOT work for you

As a doctor, there is only one kind of CBD I approve for my patients and family.

And, when you get the right kind, you could start to see how it’s the key your body needs to help relieve your pain.

So let’s get started right now.

Chances are, you’ve heard about CBD before.

Maybe you read how it could help with pain.

Perhaps a friend has begged you to try CBD, so you could feel how it could help to erase aches and twinges from your knees, lower back, shoulders, wrists, and neck.

Or maybe you want to get some for your spouse, who has overworked joints?

You want to see their uncomfortable grimaces transform into a sigh of blessed relief...

If so, you’re not alone.

Leading scientists from the University of Cambridge and Oxford University are frantically studying CBD…

…to learn why it holds so much potential for relieving pain.

In fact, I recently asked the 200,000+ men and women who read my cutting-edge health newsletter, Living Well Daily, if they’re interested in CBD.

The response overwhelmed our email inbox.

We heard from seniors who got amazing results when they tried CBD for the first time…

A woman named Faye wrote to say she loves CBD and uses it every time she has pain “from overwork or joint pain” in general.

One reader, Jim, wrote in to say CBD relieved his foot pain quickly.

Susanna from Towson, Maryland said CBD even reduced her back pain an amazing 75% literally overnight*.

*Results may vary.

A man named Richard wrote CBD oil has changed my life!”

“I’m able to function now without aches. Pain in my whole body has went from about a 13 to about a 3.”

“The more often I use CBD, the more things I realize it has helped.”

And it’s not just a solution for people’s pain.

One man named Bill wrote, “I am 68 years old and have been occasionally waking up between 3:00 am and 4:00 am for years. I have tried every kind of sleeping solution there is and nothing works.”

“But I’ve been using CBD for about two weeks now and it is helping. Last week I slept from 10:30 to 6:00!!! I haven’t done that in what feels like forever.”

What a wonderful feeling! I’m so glad I am finally getting sleep like I used to.”

As a doctor, it thrills me to get letters like this.

And these are just a tiny fraction of the stories I’ve heard of CBD changing people’s lives.

I’m sure you’ve come across plenty yourself.

More and more people are discovering CBD is the answer they’ve been looking for.

But those weren’t the only notes I received.

I also heard from men and women who tried CBD and didn’t get the results they wanted.

Or they were worried to even try CBD because they’re unsure about its purity and quality.

As a doctor, I can assure you, there IS reason to be concerned

…and that’s why I put together this presentation today.

I’ve reviewed all the research – there are more than 2,365 verified scientific studies already published…

…and today, I’m going to share the uncensored truth about how…

CBD could help work directly on pain receptors to help make your whole body feel young again

Plus – and this is important – I’ll show you how to make sure you’re getting ONLY the right kind of CBD for exactly what you need.

In the next few moments, I’m pulling back the curtain on CBD, from a doctor’s perspective…

…and exposing the potential pain-relief power of this new, enhanced CBD that no one is telling you about.

I’m going to answer all your most burning questions about CBD. How it can’t get you high. How it’s non-addictive and why I recommend it more than anything else.

So let’s get started right now.

First, I want you to picture this…

You walk out to your mailbox and find a discreet box.

“Aha!” you think. “It’s arrived.”

You grab it, head inside, and open the box.

Beneath the wrapping paper are 3 small bottles.

Your spouse overhears the commotion and asks, “Honey, what’s that?”

“It’s my CBD formula!” you whisper.

“Oh! I saw on TV that it could help relieve joint and back pain. But our friends said they tried it and it didn’t work. They think they got the wrong stuff…How do you know this is the right kind?”

“I got it all figured out,” you answer. “I learned how to choose the right stuff.”

You pour yourself a glass of water, open up your first bottle, and hold 1 tiny capsule in your hand.

Then, you pop it in your mouth…and you can’t help smiling with excitement.

After all, you’ve learned how CBD specifically targets a system in your body. It acts like a key that could help dial down your natural pain signal. And you’ve also learned about how a formula adding two other special nutrients to that CBD, could provide even greater results for pain and relaxation than CBD alone.

You keep taking your new CBD formula and, one day…

You glance at your clock: 6:29PM. Just in time to sit back and watch the evening news.

You turn on your TV, kick back, and as you watch your show, you notice something surprising…

You feel soothing relief flowing through your lower back, knees, hips, and shoulders.

You ease off your couch and saunter to your kitchen. But something strange has happened.

Your knees feel smoother.

Your lower back feels more relaxed.

Your joints feel GREAT.

Could this CBD formula really be working?

Perhaps later in the evening, as you prepare for bed, you can’t help but get excited at how comfortable your body feels.

As you get that sleepy feeling, you realize something else that’s amazing…

Most nights, you’d feel a dull ache in your back after chores like laundry or cleaning.

Maybe your shoulder or knees hurt after a day tending your garden. And it keeps you awake.

Then you’d feel anxious about getting to sleep. You’d toss and turn, trying to find that perfect position…

But not tonight. Instead,

You feel relaxed and carefree…
you close your eyes…

…and when you blink them open, you realize it’s morning.

You slept through the whole night. Just like other men and women who’ve reported the same thing.

And your body feels better than ever.

I. Love. This. CBD Formula,” you think.

After you jump out of bed and take another dose, you pat yourself on the back for doing your research and choosing the right stuff.

Your spouse is impressed too – and asks if you can share!

Now, I don’t blame you if that sounds like a fantasy.

But now science is uncovering the truth about CBD and how it could be the key to dialing down pain…

And while human studies are still limited, I’ve heard countless stories from men and women across America who are finally getting relief for their joint pain with CBD.

Right now…the challenge is getting your hands on the right kind of CBD.

That’s where I come in.

Headshot photo of Dr. Scott Olson

My name, again, is Dr. Scott Olson, ND.

Headshot photo of Dr. Scott Olson

I put together this presentation because relieving pain is my personal mission.

Nearly 25 years ago, I worked construction.

The brutal labor left my body wracked with aches and pains throughout my body.

My body couldn’t take it.

What finally saved me…

was becoming a doctor myself.

That’s right, I studied naturopathic medicine to save my own health.

Not just the standard treatments, but cutting-edge solutions too.

However, it wasn’t until someone else raved to me about CBD that I finally tried it…

…and was astounded at how it made me feel.

Long story short, I wouldn’t be here today – the healthiest and most pain-free I’ve ever felt – if it weren’t for CBD.

It’s been almost two decades since my construction job beat me up. But now I run several miles almost every single day.

I’ve even recommended CBD to both my 87-year-old father and my 82-year-old uncle. It helps them dramatically – both with their joint health and how well they sleep.

Since founding innovative naturopathic medical practices in both Tennessee and Colorado, I’ve helped American seniors eliminate their aches and pangs.

And CBD was always my first and strongest recommendation. It’s simply that amazing.


Unlike other pain solutions pushed by the medical system, CBD is natural

It’s one of God’s greatest gifts.

But I understand that regular folks still have a lot of questions about using CBD…

One of the most common questions is, “Are the rumors true? Could CBD help relieve pain as well as I’ve heard?”

Yes. Science has now shown it could work as advertised.

As you’ll soon see, new science is showing us CBD could be like a powerful key for dialing down pain in a completely unique way

In my experience as a doctor, CBD works better than anything else I’ve seen. Now, let’s dive into exactly how CBD acts like a key to help dial back pain.

Then, I’ll show you my “Doctor’s 3-Point Checklist” for choosing the right kind of CBD.

CBD is effective because of something in your body called the endocannabinoid system

It’s not the easiest word to pronounce – or spell – and maybe you’ve never heard of your endocannabinoid system. But you need to…

…because this system helps control how you feel pain relief. Especially joint pain relief.

Now, you can’t point to your endocannabinoid system like you can point to your heart or your lungs.

Instead, your endocannabinoid system has billions and billions of receptors all over your body.

scientific rendering of endocannabinoid system

They’re everywhere from your hands, legs, back, shoulders, and neck…to inside your brain.

In fact, you have more endocannabinoid receptors in your brain than just about any other receptor.

But it isn’t just your brain. These receptors are also deep in your joints, in something called synovial fluid.

If you think of your joints like hinges, the synovial fluid is like the lubricant that keeps everything moving smoothly. It’s crucial for how your joints feel

…and, if your joints feel achy, your synovial fluid is packed with endocannabinoid receptors.

Now, here’s why your entire body – and especially your joints and brain – are wired up with all these receptors.

When you experience pain, a pain signal gets sent to your brain

But when your endocannabinoid receptors are activated and turned on, they help block the pain signal from reaching your brain.

In fact, leading physicians are now confirming that if your endocannabinoid receptors don’t get switched on, your overworked joints could hurt all over your body.

You could even struggle with back pain, occasional headaches, bloating, gas…

…and sometimes you might lie in bed at night, trying to sleep but your exhausted mind keeps racing about health issues, bills, family, looping and looping…

Any of that feel familiar?

When your body is sending pain and anxious signals to your brain…

…your endocannabinoid receptors wait for a certain key.

They’re begging for your help.


…when they’re activated and switched on, the signal stops. It shuts pain OFF.

Then you can relax as your pain finally starts to fade away.


You can go for a bike ride and your knees won’t bother you as much…

You can clean out your garage and your lower back will feel better

…and you start thinking it might be fun to surprise your spouse with some two-step dance lessons, to celebrate how young you feel!

That’s how powerful your endocannabinoid system is.

The way CBD works has been the subject of numerous animal and in vitro studies.

In fact, when scientists began discovering these receptors, they named the first one anandamide, after the Sanskrit word for bliss.

Now, how do you actually switch your receptors so you could help relieve pain? You need a key…

…and all the popular pain remedies you’ve tried, are NOT that key.

Think about glucosamine and chondroitin, for instance. You could take a whole bottle and may never feel complete relief.

That’s because these treatments don’t work on your endocannabinoid receptors.

Using them was like trying to jam the wrong key into a lock. You’ll never get anywhere no matter how long and hard you try.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, we now understand how the endocannabinoid system works…

And we know how to help activate those receptors.

The key the endocannabinoid receptors
need…is CBD

Because CBD fits into the endocannabinoid receptor like a key slips into a lock.

And when CBD fits into your endocannabinoid receptors, it can help unlock relief from your pain.

That’s how it works…

Because CBD helps command your body’s receptors to ease feeling pain!

…and initial research is showing it could work better than anything else available.

Just a single component of CBD was shown in an invitro study to help to lower a major pain-inducing enzyme a staggering 30X better than aspirin.

Yes, that’s 3000% STRONGER...

…but it gets even more amazing.

Because, in an important animal study…

…scientists have also found when CBD fits into endocannabinoid receptors, its effect is 10X more powerful than traditional pain solutions.

Yes, an amazing 1000% BETTER.

Take a moment to think about that.

While this research still needs to be confirmed in humans, it’s pointing to the possibility that CBD could be the answer to the pain so many seniors face every day.

But some human research has been done…

In an 8-week study, adults experiencing chronic pain were given a hemp extract with 15.7mg CBD and 0.5mg THC (a tiny amount) daily.

A whopping 94% of the study participants reported a significant improvement in their pain intensity, and how much pain was interfering with their lives.

And more than half of the groups were able to reduce or even eliminate the use of their prescription pain relievers.

More and more science is being done. Which is why, as I said before…

Forbes reported that when people start using CBD, almost half of them threw their other pain-remedies into the trash.

My friend, we’ve finally entered a brand-new era of pain relief.

Imagine if you could be like the many people who have already tried CBD for their pain…

Once you get your hands on a supply of the right kind of CBD…

…you could feel sweet relief in your knees, lower back, hands and shoulders…every overworked joint that’s bothering you now…

Pulling on your shoes and jumping out the door to enjoy a warm, sunny day, knowing that your body won’t hold you back from having a blast

…and after hours of adventure, plopping into bed to catch up on some much-needed, refreshing sleep.

Because, thanks to CBD, your aches and pains aren’t keeping you up at night anymore.

Now that we finally understand the science behind CBD…

How your endocannabinoid system uses CBD to turn down pain at the source

…it’s easy to see how all the incredible stories of pain relief could be 100% true.

At the same time, it’s no wonder your overworked joints keep bothering you.

Your endocannabinoid receptors are waiting for CBD…so they can finally help relieve your pain

The truth is, our aging bodies were designed to use CBD.

In a minute, I’ll give you my doctor-developed 3-point checklist for selecting the right CBD.

But first I want to let you know, science now shows CBD could work for more than just pain.

In a recent animal study, CBD also can help raise levels of your hormone serotonin, known as your “Happy Hormone.”

A commenter from The New York Times tells this story of taking CBD for the first time:

…from that day I have been more relaxed than ever in my life. It not only made me less anxious and on edge, but also helped me enhance my focus*, sleep and be more mindful of the things around me.”

Here’s what another restless person said after trying CBD for the first time, at night:

Thirty minutes later, I was surprised by how subtle the effect was. My heart stopped pounding, my legs stopped kicking beneath my sheets, my mind stopped racing…eventually, physical relaxation gave way to mental relaxation, and I drifted off to sleep.”*

*Results may vary.

Animal studies on CBD from all over the world are making headlines.

Researchers are finding it could be great for heart health, helping to keep blood sugar levels healthy, and possibly even living longer.

As amazing as it may seem, science is barely scratching the surface of what CBD can do

It’s practically re-writing the rules of how our bodies feel and function and how young we can feel

…and we simply have no idea what the limits are.

Now, I want to cover a very important point.

Even with the growing mountain of scientific evidence that CBD is exactly what your body is starving for, many people still worry about CBD and their brain

But here’s great news.

As you learned before, you have endocannabinoid receptors all over your body, including your brain.

Researchers in Spain began to theorize from animal studies that if CBD could help unlock these brain receptors, it could be the key to helping prevent age-related memory loss.

In vitro and animal science is showing CBD may help support the hippocampus, a vital part of the brain for memory and cognitive processing.

Giving CBD to your hippocampus could be like putting up a shield in your brain against some of the effects of getting older.

In fact, early animal studies are showing CBD could help slow age-related cognitive decline. It’s incredible!

Which is why Dr. Esther Blessing of NYU’s School of Medicine says “CBD is the most promising [solution] that has come out for [the brain] in the last 50 years.”

Imagine taking a powerful daily dose of CBD.

You sit back and let it zoom straight to your endocannabinoid receptors.

Where it begins to activate billions of them

…and once it works its magic, you could stand up, flex your arms…

…and realize your hands and shoulders feel better.

You could take a few steps and feel your knees, lower back and hips moving more smoothly and easily.

You could sleep better at night, too.

No aches keeping you struggling to find that perfect position.

woman sitting up in bed stretching

And when you jump out of bed in the morning, you don’t even have to think about bracing yourself for any twinges…

Your thinking stays sharp too.

You feel…darn good. No, better than good.

It’s almost beyond belief.

Now you understand, deep in your bones, exactly why so many people rave about CBD

As I love to ask my patients…What would YOU do when your pain is relieved?

Plan a fun evening out on the town with your spouse and waltz down the main street to your favorite restaurant?

Maybe reserve some cruise tickets and finally tour the most beautiful parts of the world?

Or even something as simple as relax on your comfy couch to watch your favorite movie…without getting distracted by discomfort?

When you finally get to enjoy life like that…it’s all because your endocannabinoid receptors have been activated.

That’s what CBD does.

But let’s answer another important question…

“Is CBD healthy?”

Yes. A mountain of scientific research shows it’s perfectly healthy.

head with biohazard symbol

In fact, the World Health Organization published a report confirming “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

head with biohazard symbol

This was confirmed by Harvard University.

In other words…it’s healthy. It’s not addictive. And when people use it…it’s jaw-droppingly successful

Another important question to answer is, “Will it make me feel funny? Will I get high?”

You won’t.

CBD is nature’s medicine. It’s NOT the marijuana or “pot” that people use to get high.

CBD doesn’t give you any sort of “high” feeling.

You could, however, feel so much better because your overworked joints finally aren’t driving you crazy, anymore.

You could even enjoy a new relaxed feeling from head to toe. Almost like you just got a full-body massage

Another question is, “Is it okay for me to purchase some?”

Thanks to the Federal Government’s 2018 Agriculture and Nutrition Act…yes.

This blessed miracle is finally available to you.

You will not fail a drug test if you take CBD, either. Unless the product contains THC, the active substance in marijuana. You must avoid all CBD products that are contaminated with THC.

But, as I’m about to reveal, that is much tougher than you’d expect. Which brings us to the most important question of all: “How do I choose the best CBD?

I won’t mince words. You need to be certain you get the right kind…

Getting the right kind of CBD is like walking a landmine field.

Medical authority WebMD exposed some companies could even scam people with fake CBD. This is still going on right now.

Time Magazine published alarming research from the Journal of the American Medical Association showing a frightening 7 out of 10 CBD products do not contain what they claim on the label.

And news is now reporting CBD from China has flooded the U.S. market. It could be soaked with horrific pesticides…and might even be 100% fake.

Some products are even contaminated with THC.

These fake CBD products lurk on your local store’s shelves and wait for you online.

Avoiding them is confusing and overwhelming if you’re new – especially because so many companies are trying to mislead you.

But here’s the great news. My research team and I have been studying CBD for years…

When you get real, high quality CBD, you could start to turn down your body’s response to pain.

If you get the low quality or FAKE CBD, you waste your money. Or worse…

However, there is now a helpful way to select the right kind of CBD.

The secret is using my doctor-developed 3-point checklist for selecting real, non-addictive, quality CBD.

If you find a CBD product that passes all 3 of the requirements I developed…

Do whatever it takes to get your hands on it.

You could enjoy the sweet relief of your discomfort disappearing…and feeling like your body’s young again.

But if the CBD product fails even a single one of my requirements…I would not purchase it. If you already have purchased it, throw it into your garbage can.

Bottom line:

Do not purchase or use any CBD without reviewing my checklist.

And don’t worry about writing this down – I’ll show you the best source of IDEAL, pure, pain-relieving CBD in a moment…

Okay here’s the checklist…

Number #1:

Use CBD that has been thoroughly tested by a trustworthy 3rd party lab

It must be pure – without contamination.

Make sure the company can actually show you the lab results so you can verify for yourself.

First, look for pesticide testing. Many manufacturers drench their CBD in dangerous, poisonous pesticides.

Next, make sure the CBD has been tested to confirm it is not spiked with THC, the active ingredient from marijuana.

Unfortunately, many companies secretly spike their CBD with THC.

As a rule, you want your CBD to come from the United States and especially not from China.

Ideally, it’s grown in Colorado, where ethical and healthy growing practices have been optimized for the longest amount of time.

Checklist Point Number #2:

You need to make sure you’re using ONLY full spectrum CBD from hemp

This means it contains the full spectrum of active compounds. When you get all of them simultaneously, they work better than the sum of their parts.

In order to save money, many manufacturers sell something called isolated CBD. But it doesn’t work nearly as well.

For CBD’s keys to fit into the endocannabinoid system’s locks, you need the complete key – the full spectrum key.

Isolated CBD is like a key with no teeth to open a lock.

Which is why in vitro science shows full spectrum CBD is 2.5 times more powerful than isolated CBD.

Finally, you want to make sure this full spectrum CBD is highly concentrated.

As a rule, shoot for at least a 10% concentration of CBD. But 15% is even better.

Checklist Point Number #3:

You must make sure the CBD can be properly absorbed by your body

This is a big problem with all kinds of CBD…

Let’s say, through sheer luck, you manage to get your hands on some full-spectrum, USA-made CBD that’s not spiked with THC or has pesticides contaminating it.

That doesn’t guarantee the CBD can actually reach your endocannabinoid receptors and help switch them on

You see, whenever you take regular CBD, very little actually makes it through your digestive system to your bloodstream.

There’s even a strong chance that zero CBD reaches your bloodstream.

As a result, only a fraction could reach your endocannabinoid receptors!

This reduces your chance for pain-relief.

But there is a solution…

First, don’t take any CBD with a dropper or eat any CBD gummy or food.

In fact, most capsules containing CBD are still just the regular stuff, too.

I recommend taking a certain kind of CBD that’s been enhanced by patent-pending technology.

It solves the absorption problem by coating CBD with a protective layer of natural lipids.

According to the creator of this technology, these lipids act like bodyguards, safely escorting CBD through your harsh stomach acid.

Here’s an image of what these protecting lipids look like, on a microscopic level.

lipid layer around CBD

They form a double-layer of protection, surrounding nutrients against your harsh stomach acid.

Because of this patent pending technology, the CBD will easily pass through your digestive system. You could end up absorbing much more.

How much more?

That’s exactly what scientists decided to figure out…After creating this special CBD, they tested it against regular CBD in a scientific study.

This study hasn’t been published – you won’t find the mainstream news reporting about it.

In the study, the scientists gave either this special CBD or regular CBD to 15 volunteers.

An hour later, their blood was measured to see how much CBD was truly absorbed.

Then, two weeks later, all the volunteers did the same thing again, but switched which kind of CBD they got.

When the volunteers took regular CBD, they did not absorb much CBD at all.

In fact, a full 60% of those volunteers had ZERO detectable CBD in their bloodstream.

Imagine taking CBD day in and day out, maybe for weeks on end…hoping it will relieve your pain…

…and, the whole time, it’s getting destroyed by your stomach acid. Without you even knowing it

How many people out there are taking regular CBD and seeing ZERO results? Now you know why.

This enhanced CBD, on the other hand, was detected in 100% of the volunteers who took it.

Every. Single. One.

It gets even more amazing...

Everyone showed different amounts of absorption. That's natural - everyone's body is different.

But the person who experienced the lowest absorption of this enhanced CBD...still had MORE of it reach their bloodstream...then the person who BEST absorbed regular CBD.

In other words, this enhanced CBD's "worst" result (which was still excellent) was superior to regular CBD's best measured result. Sort of like how a Ferrari stuck in a low gear is still far more powerful than a beat-up pinto.

But it gets even more amazing...

Because this study showed you'll get DRAMATICALLY higher absorption...

Not just 10% or 20% higher...

Not even just double the absorption...

...but a staggering 17.7 TIMES higher.

That's 1770%. It's hard to even imagine an increase that high...but that's exactly what this technological enhancement does. Here’s what that looks like:

comparison of cbd absorption graph

Bottom line: Always use CBD with this
special lipid coating

When you do, it could FLOOD your endocannabinoid receptors…and help relieve your pain.

Okay, that’s the checklist.

Now, as a doctor, I understand if this is still overwhelming.

After all, you need to sort through literally thousands of different CBD products. They could fill an entire building.

You need to figure out which products have been thoroughly tested…are effective…aren’t from China…and are truly potent and can be easily absorbed.

It’s virtually impossible to figure this out on your own, unless you’ve got a full-time staff of researchers. And I know this…

because that’s exactly what I’ve done.

It took a few years, but I managed to locate a supply of hemp-based CBD with a staggering 20% concentration of pure CBD.

It’s naturally grown in Colorado under the strictest, healthiest conditions. It’s also:


100% pesticide-free…

Not spiked with THC…


Thoroughly lab tested and made with rigorous quality control guidelines that exceed industry standards (I’ll show you proof in a moment)…

…and enhanced with patent-pending liposome technology (so your body can easily absorb it).

This technology is protected by an American patent…

It’s, quite simply, the best CBD
available ANYWHERE

So, I used my connections as a physician to get a small supply.

I made sure it was…

  1. Full spectrum.
  2. Made in Colorado, not China.
  3. Not contaminated with marijuana or pesticides.
  4. The proper dose and concentration.
  5. Enhanced with the patent-pending liposome technology to help increase absorption 1770% better than regular CBD.

Then I sent it to a testing laboratory to confirm it was the real deal, containing the proper dose and concentration of CBD.

I’m thrilled to say this super CBD passed the tests with flying colors. Here’s proof:

Batch ID:
Test ID:
pie chart showing CBD potency
LOQ (mg)
Result (mg)
Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA-A)
Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9THC)
Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Delta 8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8THC)
Cannabinolic Acid (CBNA)
Cannabinol (CBN)
Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA)
Cannabigerol (CBG)
Tetrahydrocannabivarinic Acid (THCVA)
Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
Cannabidivarinic Acid (CBDVA)
Cannabidivarin (CBDV)
Cannabichromenic Acid (CBCA)
Cannabichromene (CBC)
Total Cannabinoids
Total Potential CBD**


# of Servings = 1, Sample Weight=1g

% = % (w/w) = Percent (Weight of Analyte / Weight of Product)

* Total Cannabinoids result reflects the absolute sum of all cannabinoids detected.

** Total Potential THC/CBD is calculated using the following formulas to take into account the loss of a carboxyl group during decarboxylation step.

Total THC = THC + (THCa *(0.877)) and Total CBD = CBD + (CBDa *(0.877))

And it’s now available in my CannaEase™ formula.

Bottle of CannaEase, a dietary supplement Bottle of CannaEase, a dietary supplement

CannaEase is your absolute best option for finally helping to ease your pain with CBD.

And it’s the ONLY kind of CBD I would ever consider giving to my patients or my own family.

Because if you try anything else…you run the risk of taking something that doesn’t even have a drop of real CBD inside…or is even contaminated with something bad for you.

But you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Because today, for the first time ever, I’m making CannaEase available directly to Americans who need it.

However, CannaEase with the full-spectrum, full-potency CBD enhanced with patent-pending liposome technology is available only through this presentation and Health Sense Nutritionals.

Beware of imposters claiming they possess this level of quality. They don’t come close.

This is important. When you don’t use the right kind of CBD, you won’t get the results.

And CBD from China could even be unhealthy for you…

But when you use verified pure and doctor-approved CannaEase, everything you’ve heard today could come true for you.

You don’t need a prescription for this.

You don’t need to fly to Colorado for an appointment with me.

I’m now releasing this formula nationwide.

As long as you live in the United States, and as long as my supplies don’t run out, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not going to sit on the fence and watch everyone else enjoy the pain relief benefits.

Especially when you could now relieve your discomfort…

In just a few moments, you’ll be able to reserve your supply of CannaEase.

You can get your hands on this super CBD to unlock your endocannabinoid receptors and finally feel real relief. The CBD could start zooming through your bloodstream starting in 1 hour

First, I’ve got more good news.

I developed CannaEase especially for my senior patients…Americans 60 and older…

And now, because of a special upgrade to my CannaEase formula, you’ll not only feel amazing relief

…but your aging joints will also feel stronger, like they’re getting younger.

So, not only will your pain begin to relieve…but this formula can eliminate the root cause of your overworked joint pain, so your joints could become as young as they feel.

Here’s how it’s now possible:

As amazing as CBD is, there’s one thing it can’t do

Yes, it’s the perfect key for your endocannabinoid system’s receptors…

Yes, taking the right kind of CBD could help ease your pain…

However, CBD doesn’t actually stop your joints from getting worn down with age.

After all, your joints hurt for a reason.

Think about every time you slide out of bed…or grab a jar…or simply lift something heavy.

You’re able to move because your joints are supported by two tissues called cartilage and collagen.

They’re like suspension cables on a bridge. They support every joint in your body.

Unfortunately, your cartilage and collagen get weaker as you grow older. Like suspension cables wearing down.

That’s why it could hurt when you move.

And this is why helping to shut off the pain signals in your aging, overworked joints is only half the battle.

The final half of the battle is to make your joints truly young again

And the secret to that is helping repair and rebuild your cartilage and collagen.

CBD alone doesn’t do this…

…but I’ve found something that does.

It’s a joint-strengthening solution that works better than anything else I’ve witnessed as a doctor…

It’s a healing pulp from an exotic tree that grows in India, Africa, and the Middle East.

photograph of Boswellia tree

In fact, during times of famine, ancient tribes in India would make a nourishing soup from this healing pulp.

It’s called Boswellia extract and researchers have discovered it has a staggering power to help rebuild the cartilage in your overworked joints.

Boswellia extract helps stop the wear and tear on your cartilage. It helps keeps your collagen strong

…and helps keep your overworked joints young as a result.

In a special laboratory, scientists concentrated this Boswellia extract to help amplify its healing power. According to the creators, they improved the bioactivity.

Then, they gave this super-potent version to volunteers suffering from joint pain in a scientific study to test its power.

The volunteers took the Boswellia extract for 30 days.

They changed nothing else in their life.

They didn’t take anything else for their pain – not even any CBD. They were only given some ibuprofen just in case they needed it.

And yet…

The volunteers reported their joint stiffness relax a full 48% and felt their pain drop a full 50%

That’s their pain…cut in half.

Their overworked joints felt smoother and more limber, too.

Of course, we know why. The Boswellia literally helped re-grow the cartilage in their aging joints from the inside out.

It works by triggering overworked joints to grow NEW cartilage and collagen.

Which is why the volunteers felt their overworked joints get stronger and stronger and younger and younger

Just so you know, this Boswellia extract is so powerful…

…the scientists found that even volunteers ranging up to 80-years-old felt their overworked joints get smoother, more flexible, and stronger

…until they’re young again.

Imagine, in just 30 days, reducing your pain to just half of what it is now…feeling this relief long-term

…and feeling this relief start in just 5 days.

(And remember, this is when you use Boswellia by itselfno CBD added in.)

You’ll forget you ever had weak, stiff, painful, overworked joints to begin with.

Like it was all just a bad dream.

This Boswellia extract is the perfect addition to CBD.

With both, you could relieve your pain and grow more comfortable joints starting in 5 days.

After reviewing the clinical results that Boswellia extract delivers, I made sure to source a supply…and I made extra-sure it was the super-potent Boswellia.

Then, I combined it with the full-spectrum, full-potency, super-absorbing CBD.

That’s right, BOTH powerhouse ingredients are now in my CannaEase formula

With the powerful, pure, super CBD in CannaEase, you’ll get the joint relief you deserve.

And with the Boswellia extract, your joints will grow stronger and younger.

It’s the perfect combination for anyone over 50 who’s feeling pain or joint stiffness from overworked joints.

Not only will it shut down your pain…but help rebuild the cartilage in your overworked joints so they could feel younger and younger.

When I combined super CBD with Boswellia extract, I thought “Finally, CannaEase is ready!”

But I was wrong.

Because my team and I discovered something surprising in our research…

Something that’s virtually unknown to anyone who takes or even sells CBD.

Earlier, you learned how your endocannabinoid receptors are like locks and CBD is the key.

Well, it’s a little more complex than that…

Because your endocannabinoid system actually has 2 kinds of locks.

That’s right, you actually have 2 different kinds of receptors…

Now, CBD could work like a miracle for your pain receptors.

Users report it will also help you sleep better.

But if you’re experiencing worrisome “brain fog” and fuzzy focus these days…

And you laugh off those “senior moments” a lot more often than you’d like to…

…my team discovered something that is truly life-changing for anyone over 60.

You see, there’s another kind of receptor in your endocannabinoid system.

And a study on 18 college-aged students with high anxiety levels showed that when they activated this endocannabinoid receptor…

It helped wash away worry, relieve stress, and enhance focus starting in 15 minutes

Yes, 15 minutes. You can set your timer to it.

To activate this 2nd kind of receptors, you need a special, natural nutrient that comes all the way from Japan called l-theanine.

L-theanine is an amino acid that comes from certain rare plants.

And it’s like a youth-restoring miracle for your brain…

When you take just a tiny pinch of l-theanine, your brain fog could begin to lift starting in 30 minutes.

So will occasional anxiety.

This was shown in a small scientific study on undergraduate students, who took l-theanine and marveled at how their focus improved.

Imagine your annoying stressors starting to melt away…less worrying and turning things over in your mind…

Look, your brain is who you are. And supporting it and keeping it laser sharp is VITAL after 60…

The Japanese brain saver l-theanine is the key

Here’s the evidence.

Scientists gave l-theanine to volunteers and then scanned their brains to show the difference. Take a look:

comparison of brain scans showing scattered brain versus focused brain

On the left, you can see how the brain looks red.

This is your brain before l-theanine activates your brain’s 2nd kind of endocannabinoid receptors.

Now, look at the brain on the right. Most of it now glows blue.

This could be your brain with the endocannabinoid receptors activated and delivering calm, focus, and energy.

This shows l-theanine is like an endocannabinoid brain tonic.

And when you use it simultaneously with full-spectrum, enhanced CBD – the results could be staggering. And fast.

Both work on your endocannabinoid system in different ways to help ease your pain…

And have you feeling and acting like the happy, stress-free person you were DECADES ago.


ONLY CannaEase can offer this

Because I managed to secure a supply of the exact kind of patented l-theanine used in the medical studies.

And I added it to my super CBD formula CannaEase.

Look, it’s bad enough for overworked hurting joints or back aches to keep you up at night and slow you down during the day.

But when you’re thinking about it – losing sleep – and having trouble focusing…it’s a nightmare.

Now you can finally free yourself from this nightmare…

Imagine, instead…you take CannaEase with pure CBD, boswellia, and l-theanine.

Your worry fades away.

Your overworked joints don’t ache.

And, while you’re sleeping like a baby, your joints could practically grow younger.

It’s now possible…

As a doctor, I can assure you…

There’s no formula that has all 3 of these powerhouse ingredients

It’s been done for the first time ever with my CannaEase formula.

With all these ingredients flooding your system simultaneously, you could feel like a whole new person.

The first time you take it, you could feel younger and younger with every minute that ticks by.

It’s that powerful.


No more feeling like a dead battery.

No more grimacing when you move the wrong way.

No more discomfort stopping you from doing the activities you love.

No more forgetting why you walked into a room or where you left your keys…

No more feeling old

Instead, you’ll feel like your mind got an upgrade…

Your overworked joint pain washing away

…and your joint cartilage rebuilding…

Your spouse asks about the new confident smile on your face…

senior couple gardening together on a sunny day

You start strutting through your day the way you used to, years ago…

…and at night, you stretch out on your bed, thrilled with how much you accomplished, and look forward to some refreshing sleep…

…and, as time goes on, you start to forget you even had aching joints.

Now that all 3 powerhouse ingredients are combined into this wonderful pain-relieving formula…this can be your future.

This premium combination contains the best of the best.

There truly is no substitute available.

One more thing…

I want your pain to disappear.

I want your joints to feel more comfortable starting in 5 days…

I want your mind to regain its focus and clarity…

But CannaEase is finally back in stock and we have a limited number of bottles.


If my experience holds true, it’s going to sell out

In fact, shortly after this presentation, I think there’s a very good chance it could be completely sold out.

And because it’s made in small, carefully controlled batches for purity, it could take a while for us to get more.

Remember, the Journal of the American Medical Association found 70% of CBD products have false labels. They might contain zero CBD or be contaminated with dangerous pesticides or even illegal THC.

It’s extremely difficult to make the real deal – the powerful, enhanced CBD you deserve. The reality is, right now might be your only chance to get your hands on the best CBD available.

I’d hate for you to leave this page and come back later to a message saying, “Sorry, we are sold out.”

Don’t miss out on your chance.

Do the smart thing.

Claim your fair share of this solution now and you could enjoy more comfortable joints very, very soon.

CannaEase is created in a certified facility right here in the United States

And it’s also non-GMO.

CannaEase is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect ingredients to ensure you could feel amazing, lasting results…

When you reserve a supply today, you’re getting everything.

The pure, super CBD that plugs straight into your endocannabinoid receptors for pain-relief

The ultra-potent Boswellia extract.

It’s CBD’s perfect partner for helping to rebuild the cartilage in your overworked joints, making them feel younger, and reducing your pain to half of what it is now…

And the l-theanine that could help unlock your brain’s other endocannabinoid receptors, so you feel sharper, free from worry and calmer in just 30 minutes…

I hope you’re ready for a brand-new body and mind

…like when you were decades younger and didn’t even think about discomfort or your brain health.

Even if you’re over 60.

Even if you’re 80.

You can do what so many others have done…toss your other pain solutions in the garbage!


This formula will be the only thing you need for your body…or your brain

When you try CannaEase, my exclusive combination of CBD with l-theanine and Boswellia…

…you could have the joints and easy movement of someone years younger.

You could feel like you haven’t in years…

…when you’re having fun during the day and then jumping into bed at night, before drifting off to sleep as easily as you can remember.

With this combination available nowhere else on earth…

Instead of easing out of bed and thinking about feeling a jab of discomfort, you’ll bound to your kitchen, smiling about the adventures that are ahead of you…

Plus, taking CannaEase couldn’t be easier. It’s just 1 teeny, tiny capsule a day.

CannaEase capsule displayed next to a pencil to demonstrate small size

Seriously, take a look at how small they are:

When your own supply arrives in a few days, I highly recommend you begin taking CannaEase immediately.

CannaEase capsule displayed next to a pencil to demonstrate small size

That way…

You can start to flood your body with the full-spectrum CBD your endocannabinoid system is starving for.

As you learned, the super CBD could start relieving your discomfort.

Plus, the l-theanine will help ensure you’ll start feeling calmer even faster – in just 30 minutes.

When you take CannaEase for the first time, start your timer.

Because every moment that ticks by is one moment closer to you shaking your head and exclaiming, “Wow, this really does make my joints feel younger

“I. Love. CannaEase!”

Ok, I have just one more thing to share with you...

In this presentation, you’ve discovered the scientific breakthrough that could make relief now possible.

You’ve learned how your endocannabinoid system could help ease your joint discomfort.

Nothing you’ve tried before could unlock your receptors. But now it’s finally possible with powerful CBD.

You’ve discovered how CBD fits like a key into your endocannabinoid system’s receptors, helping your pain start to fade away.

You’ve learned how this special CBD begins zooming through your bloodstream starting
in just 1 hour

You’ve learned how to select the right kind of CBD so you could get the pain-relief you deserve (and how to avoid the kinds you don’t want)…

You’ve also learned how the super-potent Boswellia will rebuild and help support the cartilage in your joints, so they keep feeling better and better starting in just 5 days

…and how l-theanine works on your endocannabinoid system’s brain receptors, so you could start to feel your worry wash away in just 15 minutes…

So now you must decide if you want to take advantage of this breakthrough…or keep your endocannabinoid system begging for help.

This leads to 2 very different paths.

If your endocannabinoid receptors don’t get the signal for relief…it doesn’t matter what else you try.

Your aches and pains may not stop.

You could be frustrated by more pangs and twinges.

You could keep feeling anxiety.

You could sometimes toss and turn at night…

It sounds awful.

But for the first time, science shows this doesn’t have to be your future.

There is now another path.

With the advanced CBD in CannaEase, you can enjoy feeling younger and with less pain…because you activated your endocannabinoid receptors.

Remember, the advanced CBD in CannaEase enters the bloodstream in just 60 minutes.

And with the patent-pending liposome technology, it could absorb 1770% better than regular CBD, like it did in the study.

Plus, science shows the Boswellia in CannaEase could also dial your overworked joint pain down to one-half of what it is now…and…help rebuild the cartilage in your joints.

With CannaEase, you’re getting both the advanced CBD and super-potent Boswellia.

Plus, the fast-acting l-theanine for laser-focus and a relaxed, happier mood.

With all these ingredients combined, you’re covering everything you need for healthier, more comfortable joints

You could get to fully enjoy long walks and bike rides whenever the weather’s gorgeous…

senior couple bicycling together on a sunny day

If you want, you could even surprise your spouse with a fun vacation, without worrying about painful joints holding you back from a couple days of pure fun and adventure

Plus, you could have no problem falling asleep at night.

Your thoughts may not loop and you may not toss and turn.

You could drift off to sleep without giving it a second thought.

During the day, you’ll feel confident

Imagine your next regular checkup with your doctor. You’ll be able to saunter straight into your doc’s office…

…and when he asks how your nagging knee has been feeling, or your lower back, you get to smile and say, “I finally tried some CBD.”

And when your doctor raises his eyebrows, you can simply admit your joints feel brand-new…

…or you can jump up from the examination table and prove your joints are young again!

Either way, you could leave your doctor’s office with a new “prescription”…to stop feeling frustrated about discomfort and enjoy life to the fullest again.

All because of new CannaEase.

This advanced formula will give you everything you need for younger joints, and flat-out feeling better again.

Without it, who knows how bad your overworked joint pain might get…

But that doesn’t have to be your path. Now you can choose.

Back when my body was wracked with pain from working construction, I had a choice to make.

I could have given up. Many people do.

But, instead, I decided to learn everything I could and take action.

CBD was my pain-relief solution – and it can be yours too

Today, you’ve already learned the truth about CBD, your endocannabinoid system, and your discomfort.

You can’t “unlearn” this information.

But it’s not going to do you any good unless you get the right kind of CBD for yourself.

But you now have that chance. You can make the decision to reserve your own supply of my CannaEase formula today!

Everything from play with your grandkids to running errands could start getting easier – you won’t even have to think about it.

Because your YOUNG BODY is back.

There’s no question in my mind, CannaEase is the health breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’m so confident this formula is going to give you young joints, I want you to try CannaEase with ZERO risk.


You have an unlimited guarantee when you try CannaEase today

If, for any reason whatsoever, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, simply give us a call and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that…for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Bottle of CannaEase with satisfaction guaranteed seal or approval

And your guarantee NEVER expires.

You can request a refund any time in the future – it could be six months from now…a year…or even more!

We want to make sure this is a lasting solution for you.

This way, there’s no pressure…and no risk…when you try CannaEase today.

So let’s do this: When you see the button below this presentation, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of CannaEase and then we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a discreet box from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of CannaEase.

Start taking it…and the advanced CBD inside CannaEase will help activate endocannabinoid receptors, just like they’ve been waiting for.

And starting in just 1 hour…

The CBD could enter your bloodstream.

Once it starts working its magic, along with the Boswellia…

Your discomfort could start to vanish

But that’s just the beginning…

As the days go by, you’ll notice your joints feel stronger and younger

You could be sleeping better…

You could even notice you’re thinking more clearly…like the “fog” has lifted…

In fact, very soon, you’ll have your “I. Love. CannaEase.” moment.

It’s when you realize it’s really true…

CannaEase with CBD helps support your joints…

…nourish your brain…

…rejuvenate your body…

…and maintain a happy life.

It could be when you’re yanking on your socks for a fun weekend walk around the block…

It could be on the course when you blast that perfect drive right down the middle of the fairway and your buddies can barely contain their surprise…

Go for a fun hike…

It could be when you challenge your grandkids to a fun race across the yard…and you win!

It could simply be…

Grandfather smiling and holding a granddaughter in each arm

When you take this formula and feel like a whole new person starting in 5 days!

You’ll realize, “CannaEase with CBD truly does work!”

All thanks to this brand-new formula…and YOU choosing to enhance your health.

When you do so today, you lock in today’s special low price.

And we’ll even pick up the shipping cost.

That’s right…you get FREE shipping on today’s order. We can do this only for a limited time, so make sure to take advantage of FREE shipping today.

No hassle and complete convenience. That’s how we do business.

And, of course, you take no risk at all.

Your 100% satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed

Ok, it’s time.

Time for you to reserve your own supply of CannaEase with the best kind of pure CBD.

And when you do, your joints will have a constant supply of every nourishing ingredient in CannaEase.

The advanced, full-spectrum CBD for relieving joint pain…

Super-potent Boswellia for helping to strengthen your joints and make them more comfortable starting in just 5 days

And l-theanine so you can feel calmer and more focused in 30 minutes and sleep better at night

So, if you’re ready for younger joints and a comfortable, relaxed body…go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your initial risk-free supply of CannaEase.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side…

For CannaEase and Health Sense Nutritionals, I’m Dr. Scott Olson, ND.

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